About Me

I am Atif Rana, a 23 year old guy, typical geminian.

I am a fun loving guy, not an entertainer. I tend to enjoy
every moment of life, laugh around and make others laugh.

I am a good lover, very caring.

I am a family loving person, they always have and would come

I am a person with high hopes and a determination to reach

I love music, music is my only true friend.

I love the way I am, I have no such intensions to change myself.

I am fashioned in my own style, pretty much!

I am not a shy person, but I require some time to get around.

I am an owner of a zeal personality; a kind one,

My name Aatif means affectionate and compassionate.

I am a Muslim; very proud of it.

I have a lot to write here; I shall keep updating this page.


One response

20 11 2010

keep updating dude=D

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